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Housekeeping Accessories - Keyway Closet Systems

Welcome to the Goldsmith Company!

We offer you our fine quality Keyway Closet Systems made specifically for the hospitality industry.  We have complete lines of housekeeping items for all your housekeeping needs.  If you need a special item, or need something you don't see here, call us or email and we will be happy to help you!  Let us show you our great customer service!

#301 Series - 30" Length #301 series - 6 foot length

Keyway closet systems are convenient for hotel owners and guests alike.  These systems can be installed in under 15 minutes.  Compare this to the time it would take to install shelving supports, shelving, closet rod brackets, closet rod, receptacles and finish painting.  This closet organization is so easy!  Both your guests and housekeeping staff will be happy!

Keyway Hangers

Hangers can be inserted and removed from the hanger bar with virtually the same ease as that of regular open hook hangers

Guests needing additional hangers?  Your housekeeping staff no longer has to respond to a guest's request by installing additional receptacles, offering a guest wire hangers, or supplying a standard open hook hanger which can be removed from the guestroom.  This special slotted hanger bar allows your housekeeping staff to immediately provide as many hangers as may be required by your guest.  Upon the guest's departure, the hangers may be removed to become available for future requests.

Hangers consist of both men's wooden suit hangers and ladies' combination wooden hangers with skirt clips.  All hangers have a deluxe lacquer finish.

The additional expense of purchasing rings or other receptacles for use with the guestroom hangers is no longer necessary.  After installation these systems continue to provide financial benefits in the operations of your housekeeping and maintenance departments.

Cleaning requires only a quick wipe to maintain a sparkling and fresh appearance.

Open Shelving

                             #401 Series - 36" length

Articles stored on the unit's shelf always remain visible, thereby greatly reducing the time-consuming chore of reuniting the guests with their forgotten belongings.

Design and Construction

The 401 units are designed for shallow depth closets of under 28 inches.  The hanger bar is positioned 11.5 inches from the closet's back wall.  These units allow ample hanger and garment clearance in the smallest of closets while providing the same large shelf area as the 301 units.  The 401 units also provides all the the same cost savings and convenience as the 301 units.

All hardwood construction with multicoats of clear lacquer finish.  Available in natural or walnut finishes, solid teakwood or oak.  Metal parts are brightly chrome plated.

Attractively designed to brighten closet and alcove areas while providing a convenience which will be appreciated by all your guests.

Accessory Hooks

All of the 401 units have 2 accessory hooks on the shelf and hanger bar supports.  Units of over 48 inches have four accessory hooks.  The accessory hooks can be used by the housekeeping department to present closet amenity items such as shoehorns and lint brushes.  The accessory hooks also provide the guests with a convenient fixture to hang garment bags, belts, handbags and other items.



Custom Sizes

All Keyway closet systems can be produced in custom sizes


#101 Series - 30" Length


The 701 Shelf Mounting Units

These shelf mounting units are designed for use with existing shelving.  They are ideally suited for renovation and other projects where installation of our complete 301 or 101 closet units is not practical.  The 701 units provide your guests with the same convenience and ease of operation as the complete closet units.

The attractive contemporary design compliments any decor.  Both the hanger bar and it's mounting hardware are chrome plated for trouble free maintenance.  Installation generally requires five minutes or less.

                 #701 series  36" length

The Problem:
Until now there have been only two choices:

Open Hooks
Convenient for your guests
High operational costs
Ball & "T" Heads
Inconvenient for your guests
Low operational costs


The Perfect Solution:

Keyway Hooks.  Only the Keyway open hook security hangers and their closet units provide both the convenience of open hook hangers and the low operational costs of ball and "T" head hangers.

The 502 Series and 901 series

#501 series, 36" length #901 series, 36" length

The 501 series is a complete closet unit which can be installed in under 15 minutes.  Significantly less expensive than furnishing closet areas with built-in shelving and closet rods.  

Light airy design brightens and enlarges closet and alcove areas. Articles stored on the unit's shelf area are unlikely to be forgotten.  Cleaning requires only a quick wipe to maintain a fresh and sparkling appearance.

These units are designed for installation underneath existing shelving and are ideally suited for renovation and other projects where the use of the complete 501 closet unit is not practical.

The attractive contemporary design compliments any decor.  Both the hanger bar and it's mounting hardware are chrome plated for trouble-free maintenance.  Installation generally requires five minutes or less.


Unique Hangar Bar Suspension System

Keyway's unique hanger bar suspension system assures adequate strength
and provides up to four feet of unobstructed hanger movement.

Permanently attached hangers

Ideal for use in high traffic public areas.  Closed loop hangers are installed on the hanger bar during assembly and cannot be removed. 




Hanger Selections

Ball Head and 
Open Hook Hangers
Closed Loop Hangers

More Hanger  Selections

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